Sports Surface Cleaning

sports surface cleaning
sports surface cleaning
sports surface cleaning 2

It is important to remember that artificial pitches are low maintenance, not NO maintenance.

All synthetic pitches whether they be sand filled, rubber crumb or 3G require regular maintenance to ensure the initial large investment is protected for as long as possible.

Regular brushing is essential to keep the pile consistent and to redistribute material as it migrates away from areas of high traffic such as goal mouths and centre circles. However like their natural cousins, heavy use will create compaction. This compaction will effect drainage and in turn create problems with moss and algae on the surface making the pitch dangerous and slippery.

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Routine cleaning

Routine cleaning is also often overlooked or inefficient due to the use of equipment designed originally for grass or hard surface cleaning. Obvious wind blown debris like leaves, twigs and litter are easy to see and relatively easy to remove, however if they are left to decay they will contaminate the infill.

More serious and unhygienic contamination can be caused by crowd thrown debris, chewing gum, spit and bird droppings which will need to be removed without affecting the infill.

To keep a surface in good condition it should be cleaned regularly. From one year after its installation the surface should have any infill decompacted and any contaminants removed from it. This will help prevent any future drainage problems, player discomfort or any algal or moss problems.

The regularity of cleaning would depend on the amount of use of the area, its location and the type of sports played.


Tennis courts and synthetic grass sports pitches will benefit from a rejuvenation process after a period of time.  

Rejuvenation is most drastic form of cleaning a synthetic surface, and generally used for surfaces that have had little or no maintenance but which are subject to intense use. The artificial grass surface will be hard and compacted with very poor drainage.

Contaminants will be readily visible on top of the surface especially toward any constructed fall or dipped area. Tennis courts are contaminated by surrounding vegetation ,ball fluff and walked in debris and dirt.

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